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How to Import CV from CV-Library?
How to Import CV from CV-Library?
Updated over a week ago

Importing CVs directly from CV-Library into your Recruitly system is a seamless process that enhances your recruitment workflow. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to efficiently import CVs from CV-Library, ensuring you have access to a pool of qualified candidates with just a few clicks.

Steps to Import CVs from CV-Library:

1. Navigate to the "Jobs" section under the "Recruiting" module in Recruitly.

2. Select the job for which you want to import CVs.

3. Click on "Actions" and select "Search Candidates."

4. Within the candidate search, click on "Search CV-Library." Enter relevant phrases and location filters to narrow down the search.

5. View candidates with matching requirements along with the match percentage. Click on a candidate's profile, and proceed to the full view.

6. After reviewing the full profile, click on "Import" or "Import & Assign" based on your          preference

Note: One CV-Library credit will be deducted for this step.

Importing CVs from CV-Library directly into Recruitly enhances your ability to source and connect with potential candidates effortlessly. By incorporating this process into your recruitment routine, you can streamline your workflow, access a diverse pool of talent, and make the most of CV-Library's extensive candidate database.

Efficiently import CVs, tailor your recruitment strategy, and leverage the integrated workflow between Recruitly and CV-Library for a more productive and successful recruitment process.

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