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Data Import from HubSpot
Data Import from HubSpot
Updated over a week ago

Effortlessly import your data from HubSpot into Recruitly. If you encounter any challenges during the data import, feel free to reach out to us through Live Chat support for assistance.

Importing Data from HubSpot to Recruitly following these Steps:

  1. Go to the system configuration, choose "Import Data," or click here:


  2. Select HubSpot under Cloud Import and choose the Data you wish to import.

    • Contacts

    • Companies

    • Import Deals as Opportunities

    • Import Tickets as Opportunities

  3. Map the fields to Recruitly from Hubspot. (The data will be added to these fields in Recruitly)

  4. Configure supporting data preferences, such as handling duplicate records, and click on "Confirm."

  5. A confirmation message will appear on your screen.

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