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How to Restrict Users From Viewing Company Billings?
How to Restrict Users From Viewing Company Billings?

Learn how to implement user restrictions to safeguard sensitive company billing information effectively.

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As a recruiter, you hold the power to control access to sensitive data such as company placements, billings, commissions, and revenue for your team members. Our platform offers placement widgets and a comprehensive growth dashboard, allowing for detailed insights. However, you can customize access permissions to ensure that each user only sees their own data rather than the entire team's.

To restrict access and enable users to view only their data, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "System Configuration" section or click below.

2. Select "User management" or click below.

3. To restrict access for the user, select the "Edit User" option.

4. Now, navigate to the Modules section and deselect "Billing." Once billing is removed, the user will be restricted from accessing company billing information.

These are the specific areas where data access will be restricted:

Widgets: Users will have access only to their data in widgets such as the user Placement billing chart, Placement billing forecast, and Placement value metrics.

Growth Dashboard: Users will see only their name and data in sections like top billers and leaderboards.

By following the steps outlined above in system configuration and user management, you can effectively restrict access and empower users to focus on their Individual metrics while safeguarding sensitive company information.

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