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How to find Duplicate Candidates and How to Merge Them?
How to find Duplicate Candidates and How to Merge Them?

Merging Duplicate Candidate records to streamline the data in the system

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Effectively managing candidate data is crucial for streamlined recruitment processes. Recruitly offers a straightforward method to identify and merge duplicate candidates, ensuring data accuracy and avoiding redundancy.

This comprehensive guide walks you through the process with the clear purpose of maintaining a clean and organized candidate database.

Identifying Duplicate Candidates:

  1. Go to the Recruiting module and access the Candidates section.

  2. Go to System Filters under Quick Filters on the Top.

  3. Search or select Duplicate candidates from the dropdown list. The system will display a list of all identified duplicate candidates.

Merging Duplicate Candidates:

  1. Select your preferred duplicate records to merge from the displayed list.

  2. Navigate to the More Actions section and click on Merge.

  3. Choose the candidate record you wish to keep as the destination candidate. All notes, documents, applications, Jobs, and Interviews associated with the non-destination candidates will be merged into the destination candidate.


The merged candidates, other than the destination candidate, will be permanently deleted from the system.

​Exercise caution while selecting the destination candidate, as this record will retain all merged data.

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