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How to Create an Email Signature?
How to Create an Email Signature?

A Guide to Creating an Email Signature.

Updated over a week ago

To Create an Email Signature, Follow These Steps:

  1. Click on your user icon located at the top right corner of the screen and select "My Profile" to access this section.

  2. Use the following link to access the email signature page:

  3. Format your signature using the available formatting options, or you can copy and paste HTML code by clicking on the code view.

Follow the image to locate the below options:

  1. Formatting Options: Customize your email signature with different font sizes, font families, attach images etc. using these options.

  2. Clear Formatting: Remove any applied formatting with a single click from here.

  3. Click to toggle on the HTML view: Switch to HTML code view by clicking here.

Once you've made the desired changes, click on "Update Email Signature" to save your signature.

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